You are looking for
the right supplier in Asia?

Our Group has built a wide network of suppliers in Asia. We will assists buyers to source, obtain quotations from relevant suppliers and make real deals. We dramatically reduces the time and energy that businesses spend managing their purchasing process, and eliminates the need to call suppliers individually.

Our Services

  • Identification and assessment of suppliers
  • Assistance in negotiations with vendors
  • Price negotiation
  • Materials research
  • Identification of local know-how
  • Creation and design support
  • Contract negotiation and sampling
  • Placing and tracking order
  • Quality control & Final Inspection

Our Process

Buying Request Buying provide product specifications, country specific and reference prices.
Match suppliers to submit quotations Select and invites target supplier groups to submit quotation and confirm their capabilities.
Due diligence and review quotes Screen out and pinpoint suitable suppliers.
Buyers and suppliers make a deal together

Tell us what you want, we will source for you and our global partners will serve your need.